In order to try and raise isk for prizes ENE will be auctioning off the advertising space on the back of the event shirts.  If you are interested in getting a logo, phrase, image etc on the back of the shirt, let me know in-game, or via email, with your bid, and I will update this page frequently. The highest 5 bids will win at midnight June 28th. We reserve the right to reject any images or content.

If you wish to bid anonymously, please let me know, otherwise all bids will be publicly posted here.

Current Bids: ( 100M increments please)

    • 1 Opsec (like, the alliance, not a secret) 15.1B
    • 2 Pandemic Legion 15B
    • 3/4 Warp to me 10B
    • 3/4 Open Comms Show 10B
    • 5 Last Calamity – 7.5B ( 4B trivia, 3.5B generic prize pool)

    —— Cut off for shirt,  may be room on banner if you want —–

    • 6 EVE Mogul – 7B
    • 7 Star Tide Industries – 6B
    • 8 Fweddit 5B
    • 9 Hard Space Hawks Party Squad – 4.25B for the Joust tournament
    • 10 EVE Onion News 4B
    • 11 Micro John Juune 3.5B
    • 12 ShekelSquad 1.5B
    • 13 Veronica’s Genetically Enhanced Livestock Bazaar 1.1B