In 2013, TDSIN opened up our yearly BBQ to players that lived around the area and we had a nice little party with around 30 people. In 2014, we upped our game and publicized our BBQ to the Eve-Online community, now named EVE New England; over 75 people participated to the event, shattering our expectations! In 2015 we pushed the event to new heights, putting on another stellar event for over 135 people! Re-branding to EVE NorthEast in 2016 we help two more meetups at a campground in PA.

Continuing our great tradition, please join us on August 2nd – August 5th at Pop’s Lake Campground in Galway, NY.

Please check out the other pages for more information on tickets, sleeping accommodations, planned events and more! Please feel free to contact event staff either using the Contact page, or mailing ExookiZ in game!