This year EVE North East will be held at the Faire Play Campground. Primarily a LARPing venue, Faire Play has many features that we will be able to take advantage of this year.

– Showers. On the bottom floor of the central complex are 2 large showers with a heater designed for large groups. So if one of your concerns regarding eve meetups are how bad all the other players smell ( you always smell fine, of course) we got you covered! 

​- Full kitchen for food preparation

– A large central building with many different rooms. To avoid the “one event at a time” feel of our previous venue we have multiple medium and large sized rooms at our disposal

– If you’re an outdoors person, there are several acres of forests and fields that you can go exploring, take epic corp pictures, set up traps and gank a friend, or go take a breather from that really intense RL smacktalk.

– If you aren’t interested in sleeping in a tent, there are multiple Large Collidable Structures (Cabins) with different numbers of bunks available for you to choose (first come first serve). For more information about sleeping accommodations, please visit the “Accommodations” page under “About the Venue”.

We had great success with the venue last year, and hope it continues to help us put on a great event!