Will there be alcohol provided?

No, the event itself will not be providing any alcoholic beverages. We will provide variety of Non-alcoholic drinks (but no Quafe!). You are welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages.

What is the parking situation?

Parking will be along a dirt road, in dirt and light brush. You will be able to park and unload near the field we are in, but not park in it.

What is the accommodations plan?

Please see the ” Accommodations” section of the “Venue and Accomodations Page”” for all information regarding sleeping accommodations. If you still have questions please contact us.

Should I leave the significant other/family at home?

That is up to you. Unlike fanfest the focus of the event is not a bunch of spaceship roundtables but rather having fun, eating and meeting new people. Most of the games and activities have nothing to do with EVE. If you think that they would still have a good time by all means bring them!

Does everyone in my group need to buy a ticket?

All adults in attendance need to purchase a ticket. Children 12 years and under can come for free, but the majority of the ticket cost is going to pay for the food so regardless of whether or not they plan on participating in some of the events we ask that you purchase a ticket for each person.

What will be served for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

The exact menu will not be available until much closer to the event.  Breakfasts will likely be your usual breakfest fare eggs, sausage, bacon etc. Lunch tends to be sandwiches with a deli bar, and dinner will vary. If you have requests, or special dietary needs please see next question!

If I have a dietary preference/food allergy, will that be accommodated?

During the checkout process we ask for any dietary or allergy concerns so please make sure that you inform us of anything there, we will make all efforts to ensure that you are able to eat at the event. If we are unable to accomodate your dietary needs we will refund you the food portion of the ticket.

What do I need to bring?

You do not need to print out and bring your ticket, but we ask that everyone bring a photo ID for check in.

If I only plan to come for one day, do I still need to pay the full price of the ticket?

Yes, in the interest of keeping it simple the venue is charging a flat per head price regardless of how long you are here for. If you will only be stopping by for a single evening please contact me and we may be able to comp a partial refund for food not eaten but we do need everyone to buy a ticket.

If I do not want to participate in the scheduled events, what kind of stuff can I do while they are going on?

A great deal of the event doesn’t actually have a defined schedule. Board games, card tables and the like are setup and available anytime for playing some games.

What is the weather like?

Warm, and humid, but cool at night. We expect everything to be cooler this year, and advise preparing for the possibility of a cool evening night. 2020 saw low 40s overnight.