Scheduled events

Schedule is WIP

We are currently planning the events for this year’s event. If there are things you liked from previous years and would like to see again, or things you didn’t like and want us to get rid of now is the time to let us know!

Additionally, we are always interested in people interested in helping run presentations, games, competitions etc. If there is something you would like to do or be a part of please let us know via the contact page!

1730 Event and Check-in Opens
1830 Dinner – Pasta Bar
2100 EVE CCG Tutorial

0730 Breakfest – Egg Sandwiches
1000 EVE CCG Tournament ( Early Rounds)
1200 Lunch – Sandwiches
1300 Poker Tournament ( Early Rounds) / Ultimate Frisbee
1530 Trivia
1700 PVP Tournament ( RL) First Rounds
1900 Dinner ( Burgers and Hot Dogs)
2100 Karaoke
2100 Beer Pong Tournament

0800 Breakfast
1100 EVE CCG Finals
1200 Lunch
1300 Poker Finals
1400 Super Soaker CTF
1500 PVP Tournament (RL)
1900 Dinner – Chicken Tips Buffet
2000 Closing Ceremony
2100 Beer Pong Tournament